I’m sorry I can’t answer every email about the eventual shutdown of ezccs. Hopefully this will be enough explanation.

Last year United shutoff all third party access for FA’s to United systems and warned of termination if they kept using third party apps. My response was to shutdown ezccs for everyone at that time. This action was not welcomed as United was not ready for me to shutoff ezccs for pilots. I was requested to keep it going until they had something to replace it. They have started this project. Given that subscription are for a year and I don’t personally manage them and cannot give refunds. I wanted everyone to know what was going on and give you a chance cancel now so you want be outa potion of your subscription. I have had people lose their minds over a few dollars and I’m giving fair warning now.

Many people have asked what we can do. I don’t think there is anything to be done. It’s United’s farm and United’s pig, so to speak. I’ve always felt it was silly that I wrote software to fix what I saw as short comings in the software we use at work. I have been at this since 1993 when I wrote my first Windows program to enhance Unimatic. That program lasted until it was shutdown when the FA’s merged into CCS. If United wanted us to have a tool like ezccs they would have created it. Based on what they gave the FA’s, they have their own ideas of what users want.

It’s my position that you not reach out to United on this. They heard plenty last year and it didn’t make a difference.

It was always tenuous having one person write this kind of software that at one point was used by over 30,000 employees. There was no one to back me up in case of a health issue or just falling down the stairs. I only hope they come up with something good.

If the new Pay Register is any indication of the direction they intend to go, I’m not hopeful. It’s fine on a desktop but a mess on my phone. When the new CCS for FA’s came out, there was an email that stated it was best viewed on a desktop. Please United, realize we use this stuff while running between our next flight and make something good.

Warm Regards,