Update November, 20th 2020

Ezccs functions for CCS and FT will cease for Flight Attendants on February 10th, 2020. If you are a FA, please do not become a new subscriber. If you have a subscription, please do not renew it. Subscriptions are automatically renewed by Apple or Google unless YOU cancel the subscription. See the Help/Support in ezccs regarding canceling. I cannot cancel the subscription for you. For FA’s that use the automated offline jumpseat listing, that will continue to function in the app without a subscription. That is not part of the United systems.

I will continue the subscriptions for Pilots since flights ops has stated they have no intention of blocking the app. Please know that flight ops may at some point, with no warning may block the app. This out of my control, because of this, know that at any point the subscription you just paid for may become useless. Please do not ask for a refund at that point, the app is only $10.00 per year and I don’t want to deal that if and when the time comes. If you plan on asking for a refund if United blocks the app, cancel your subscription now.