"Portions of Bid sorting licensed by BidPlus, Inc. under US patent 5,634,055"

Bid Sorting Quick Start (you can print this out for easier viewing)

The first step to Bid Sorting is to Download the bids. Select the Bid Tab then

click on the Download Bids Button.

Now select Sort lines and create a calendar (Bid Sorting)

You will now see this, select the month you wish to work on and press the View button.

This will show you the below view:

Select any options you need then hit the OK Button.

This is what you will see next.

Weekend are in Blue, Red Eyes are in Red. You can click on

an ID to view it. There are three mouse pointer you will see in this view:

means you can click on an ID

means you can move a line within a Tab, up or down

means you can select the line for deleting or moving from one tab to another

Lines are moved from Tab to Tab by selecting them

then clicking on the desired Tab. Lines placed in Tab 1 through 10 are part

of you bid.

Use the Find and Sort Tool to find lines that meet your needs.

Select criteria and press the Find Matching Lines button.

Sort criteria and sort as soon as the selection is made.