Bidding News

There is a version of ezBid for Mac Catalina available on the Mac App Store. It is a separate subscription.

IAH Spanish Lines have been updated by UAL. You should have 27 Spanish lines. This change was made on the 26th late in the day. You need to delete the IAH bids and downlao then start fresh to see the new lines. I uploaded the new data at 3:30 PM Denver time.

All APR bids now loaded (3:17 PM Denver time)

Version 1.55.2 is the current version for iOS ( located under More.. Subscriptions )

Version 1.45 is current for Android. ( located under More.. Subscriptions )

Instructions for the app are under the More... menu at the upper left of the app.

Report any issue to me. My first suggesting will be to delete and re-install the app. BTW, telling me you "can't get the bids" or you are "having issues" tells me nothing of troubleshooting value. Tell me what you see or don't see. If words fail you, send a screenshot or screen video. ALWAYS tell me what base you are dealing with.

Subscription issues?

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