Do Not use the Android version of ezBid until you get the update from the Play Store on the 12th. There was a bug (a colony?) that was causing data corruption in the app. It took 14 hours to fix but I think I have it fixed. The updated version has a purple title bar.

JAN are available now.

HNL -RSV make sure RSV lines 6201-6205 are NOT INT Purser. If they are, delete the package and download again.

HKG, there are no holidays in JAN. The original package shows the (28) as a holiday.

Report any issue to me. My first suggesting will be to delete and re-install the app. BTW, telling me you "can't get the bids" or you are "having issues" tells me nothing of troubleshooting value. Tell me what you see or don't see. If words fail you, send a screenshot or screen video.

Apple ezBid

Android ezBid

Both the Apple and Android versions has semi-automatic bid uploading. Much, much faster than manually entering the numbers. You can even skip rows to later block bid. Line number and position are inserted as you touch the line number row in the . See this video.