Apple subscription is not valid for Android*

If all of a sudden are getting a missing subscription massage there is a reason. (Please read all the way to the end) Your subscription is missing from the app. You may actually have a subscription to the android version ezccs but because of how you installed the app on the device, the subscription can’t be found. I’ll detail how to remedy this below. Most likely you don’t have a subscription. To be clear I am speaking of an Android subscription. An Apple subscription means nothing to Google.

Here is what you need to look for. This is a screenshot from the Play Store. Note that there are 3 account icons. The current account in this screenshot is my account. If you have only 1 account setup (one icon) on the device things are easy, you either have or don’t have a subscription and you will be able to see the subscription and Transaction ID by using the Subscriptions menu. If your subscription is valid the app should work. Send me your Transaction ID if you have one and I can check it out. At least I can see what you see in regards to the subscription. Here is another way to find a transaction ID.

If you have more that one account it gets tricky. The app must be installed with the Google account that owns the subscription. If the app was installed while the incorrect account was active, the app will not find the subscription. As far a I know, the only fix is to delete the app and install while the correct ( meaning the account that has a subscription) is active.

If you have data in ezccs (such as contacts and logbook) that data will be lost UNLESS you backup using the Backup/Transfer option in ezccs.

The Google subscription system will not "Double Up" (charge twice ) for a subscription USING THE SAME goole account. If you only have one Google account then just hit Subscribe in ezccs and you should be all set. If you later figure out you setup more than one subscription (by using more than one Google account), send me Transaction ID's for the subscription you want to cancel and a Transaction ID for the subscription you want to keep. If you managed to get charged, I can request Google to refund it.

From a user that was having issue subscribing.

"...was prompted a few days ago to add my phone as an authentication device for signing into my gmail account. For some reason that was what was blocking the subscription option. I removed my phone authentication and it resolved the problem. "