Current Version 1.2.4 or higher (shown top right ezccs Passwords/Option screen.)

Frequently Asked Questions

If the app crashes, send me an email. I have been getting crash data from Android 8 devices that I can't figure out. I have theory that clearing the App Cache in the device settings may fix this. Sometimes a delete and re-install is require to fix it. I still would like to here from you.

The future of ezccs

Crew images

Log in Password trouble

New Phone

Master Schedule hours 'wrong'

Blank white screen

I can help with app issues but tell me what you see. Writing 'It doesn't work' ( or the equivalent) is useless. Almost ALL of the email I receive has no troubleshooting value.

Say hello if you see me at my day job, writing software is just a hobby for me.

If you are emailing me about passwords or log in issue, Don't! Look up. Your answer is already posted up there, where is says Read This.

Contact Scott if you need help