If you have a current subscription, pressing Restore should activate the subscription.

Apple tracks your subscription using your Apple ID. I have no access to subscription information. ( if you are using the app on a device that doesn't use the Apple ID with a subscription, perhaps a United iPad. email me for a workaround)

NEW: Most people that have had subscription issue this past month did not have the current iOS. Check you have the current Apple iOS for your device. Apple has been updating frequently. Look under Settings->General->Software Updates. Having the current/correct iOS resolves most subscription issues.


The first thing to try is double touch the home button on the device and reboot the device.

Next verify your subscription using this:


If you have a current subscription, pressing Restore should activate the subscription.

If you have in app purchases restrictions turned on this can block the subscription.


I have noticed that a bad data connection can also cause issue with the subscription. You might try on WiFi.

In some cases it is necessary to delete the app and re-install it.

(Users have been ignoring the advice below, much to everyones discomfort. The subscription system is not mine, it's Apple's and sometimes it just needs a reset. please do not ignore the steps in this FAQ. Each steps is here for a reason.)

In some cases you need to sign out of your Apple account and sign back in. Settings->iTunes & App Store.

If all else fails, send me your uID and a screenshot of the subscription from the device ( from the screen where you verified your subscription from earlier). I can send you a code to bypass the subscription system.

If you see this message Apple is telling you exactly why the subscription will not restore. You have to delete and re-isntall the app whiel logged into the correct Apple ID. Use the BACKUP/TRANSFER option in ezccs if you want to save you data including the contact list.