General Password issues

The password help number is (847) 700-5800.

I have dealt with many passwords issues developing ezccs. Since the apps release, ALL passwords issues have been caused by either a CCS/Flying Together issue or the user entered in the wrong information.

You MUST use your CCS password with ezccs, it is NOT optional*(you can enter "no" <no quotes> as a CCS password but then many parts of CCS will not function).

Password Requirements:

1) Passwords cannot contain spaces and your CCS password must be exactly 8 characters long.

2) Global passwords are case sensitive. (user have the CAPS lock on while updated their password and don’t realize it causing a failure to log in)

CCS log in time outs:

At times CCS is slow to log in. At some point the log in will time out. When this happens CCS reports that your passwords is incorrect. A work around is to retry the log in prior to the time out. I don’t know when the time out occurs but if it looks like it’s going to take “Too long”, touch the Home icon in the upper right of the app and try again.

Passwords update delays:

It may take up to 15 minutes for your passwords to update in the system. Normally it works right away but it is possible for a delay to occur right after you change passwords. This is stated on the United passwords update screen.

EZCCS and Passwords:

The app will send whatever passwords you tell it to use. Passwords are stored in the app under the Passwords/Options.

If the log in fails, the app will offer delete your passwords and uID. If the login seemed slow and you think CCS incorrectly stated your passwords are incorrect you may decline this option. If you information is incorrect and you repeatedly attempt to log in, you will be locked out by CCS.

What to do:

Before you use the app again, log into CCS and verify you are using the correct passwords (use mobile Safari or whatever you like). Hand type in your information, to not let the device enter it in. Once you are sure your passwords are correct go back to the app. Scroll to the bottom and touch Passwords/Options. Touch Reset at the bottom of the screen. Enter in your passwords and you should be set.

If that doesn’t work, send me a screenshot of the login error.

Let me know how it goes,