Offline Jumpseat + needs an update. Tester have the update and I'm waiting for some feedback, The update should be in the Ap Store by Oct 1st. It seems the jumpseat website has changed and the fields are being mis-populated.

Random issue for FA!

Randomly after selecting a menu item from the main ezccs screen the app logs in but stays at the main CCS screen. You can manually navigate from there or return to the main ezccs screen and re-selected the item. Additionally, seomtimes when you select an item in CCS, you may end up at the CCS login screen. Returning to the ezccs home screen and selecting something should log you in again. These are not ezccs issues, I have seen this behavior outside of ezccs. If you happen to se this behavior happening with any frequency, let me know.

98% of emails I get are answered in the FAQ. What are the odds you are the 2% ?

If you ask for my help you must help me, help you. 9 out 10 emails I answer seem to assume I know if you are a pilot or FA. The emails assume I can see what you see. What I’m trying to say is the emails I get are severely lacking in clarity and detail. It has been talking on average 3 emails one my part just to get a reasonable description out the the person asking for my help.

Don’t tell me what you think the issue is, tell me what you see. Send me a screenshot. Assume I don’t know if you are a pilot or FA. Assume I cannot see your device or what you touched. Use actual words that exist in the app. Before you hit send, read what you wrote, will I have a chance to visualize and understand what you are saying?

I don’t like telling you this but the quality of emails I have been getting is so bad it I must explain how to ask for help.

Please don't cause unnecessary wear and tear. Ezccs is not a company, it's one persons hobby. Contact Scott if you need help If something in the app really doesn't work as expected I do want to hear from you.

Do you due diligence, test to see if the issue is ezccs or the underlying system then email me if it seems to be an ezccs issue.