Some people don't make it to the bottom of this page so here is the short version. if you see Password Suspended Call 847-700-5800 and tell them your CCS password is suspended. Next go to:

Change your CCS password and then update ezzcs with the new CCS password. It was time to change your CCS password. I recommend changing your CCS password at the same time you change your Global to avoid these issues.

Long Version:

Know I have received many, many, many, many emails that begin with. "I know my passwords are correct". I'm not sure what "correct" meant but the passwords certainly didn't work and the user certainly didn't follow the help I offer below. Please do not join that club.

This page will help you trouble shoot your password issue. To fully access the CCS system both a United Global and a CCS passwords is required. It is possible to log into CCS with only a global password, this will limit what you can do in CCS. You may choose (* Instant Fix*) to log into CCS with only a single password. To do this, enter "no" <no quotes> into the ezccs Password/Option screen. This will limit what you can access in CCS and is only a temporary fix to use while sorting out your password issue.

NOT USING EZCCS: Use these steps to troubleshoot your passwords.

Log in BUT you must do this correctly, using TWO passwords. See the images below. If you do not see where to enter your CCS password see image #2 below.

image #1

image #2

If you see image #3 you must call 847-700-5800 and work with United support to fix you CCS password. Repeat the troubleshooting on this page after you are done talking to United support.

image #3

If you cannot solve your password issue after using this page email me at Describe your password issue and include screenshots.