First and foremost, your password issues are not ezccs issue. With that out of the way here what I suggest. If you can log into FT.UAL.COM and CCS.UAL.COM outside of ezccs then your password will work with ezccs. This is 100% true.

After changing you password it may take up to 30 minutes for that password to work on both FT.UAL.COM and CCS.UAL.COM

Test your passwords outside of ezccs at BOTH and The passwords characters (case sensitive) will be the same for both. It is possible that your password will work for and not Once your password works for both you can use ezccs. Work out your password issues outside of ezccs. Here is who you call 847-700-5800. That is United's IT number.

IF you keep getting locked out of the most common reason is you did not update EVERY app/program that is setup to use your email. Email apps/programs attempt to log into the mail server and after a few attempts, you will be locked out of This is never an ezccs issue.

It's also possible that connecting to skyfi_secure while at the airport can lockout your account when you device had connected to skyfi_secure with the old password. The fix for that is to tell your device to FORGET that connection. You can then reconnect to it again with the new password.

For Android only, it is possible your device has an old password in Chrome that is overriding what you entered into ezccs. Make sure your passwords in chrome are up to date. See the link below.