Below is an example of a refund request and my answer.

An actual email but with the users name removed.

"I cancelled my subscription to EZCCS today because the company no longer supports third party apps for flight attendants. When I cancelled, the message I received said my subscription would be cancelled at the end of the subscription period, July 19, 2021. I would like to request a credit beginning today to the end of my subscription, so 9 months, approximately $7.47. My subscription renewed in July 2020."

My reply:

United did not stop support for third party apps today, it is something that will happen at an unknown time in the future. Subscriptions to ezccs and ezBid are yearly. I kept the price low for ezccs for this and many other reasons. Other third party apps that do less than ezccs have ranged in price from $36.00 per year to over $100 per year. If the time came and United arbitrarily shut off access, the user would be out less than meal at many fast food restaurants. If had to deal with thousands of people requesting a refund, the price of ezccs would have been substantially higher than 0.84 cents per month.

I hope you understand my position on this.

If you still want a refund and have an Apple device you can always contact Apple. Only Apple can address subscriptions issues as the subscription is between Apple and the user. Here is Apple's contact link.


Scott 🤓