Memory is not storage so don't start deleting apps from your device.

Previously I would turn the screen black when the app detected low memory. I was hoping people would email me and tell me about it. I found out people just ignored the black background. I’m trying this new thing in the current version.

The immediate fix is to double touch the Home button, force close all apps including ezccs. Start ezccs and you are all set.

Let me know what kind of device you have (iPhone 6s/iPhone 5/iPad 2) and what iOS you have installed. I’m looking for a common thread to the low memory state. When your device is in a low memory state, it can become sluggish.

So far I haven’t a clue to why some devices hit a low memory state quite easily while others never get it. I have only seen it twice on my devices and I can’t force it to happen. I have reports of other making it happen quite easily, with repeatable steps.

Keep me posted on how often often you see this and if you find it’s related to how many apps you have running in the background.