If you want to know when the bids come out use the link below OR the Latest Bidding News button above the Get Bid Package button in ezBid. Do NOT email me asking me the bids will come out. I will not reply. It is acceptable to email me to let me know that bids are in CCS when they show up. I check often but I may not notice as soon as you.

Latest Bidding News

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Touch stuff, experiment.

Don't wait until the night bids close to learn this app.

The idea is to find lines (desirable or undesirable) and lock them into groups.

Lower numbered groups go ahead of higher number groups. You first choices go into group #1. You last choices go into group #99 or stay in the '?' group.

The Search Tool is the way to find desirable or undesirable lines. Use Drag and drop to fine tune the results after you group a line.

View Pairings:

All pairings in the line are in the popup window. Scroll down to view them all.

To close all open pairings press and hold the close button (x)

Dragging Lines

Color Bar

Group Single Line

Search Tool:

Touch various options in the Search Tool to find lines you want to bid OR exclude. The number of matching lines is shown at the at the top of the tool.

Once you have found lines, lock lines one at a time into a group or use the Grouping option on the Search Tool to lock the Available Lines into a group.

Group Multiple Lines:

Choosing "Do not add to previous grouping" will keep previously locked lines in their group.

Choosing "Add to previous grouping" will add Available lines to the selected group EVEN IF they were already in a group.

Lines can be only be locked into a single group.

Position Bidding

You can set the default Position from the top of the screen.

You can modify each lines specific position bid.

Arrange position bids by pressing an holding the position then drag to the desired order. Any position after STOP will not be sent. Any position after Any(*) will not be sent.

Sending Bids

When you press Send at the top of the screen, you must log in to CCS. You MUST enter the bids manually .