Do NOT email me about this issue. I have verified it has nothing to do with ezccs. The behavior happens in any web browser and additionally in the United developed Mobile CCS app. I have notified United IT about this issue.

Recently there have been reports of ending up on the wrong page after pressing the Search button on the FA EBB trip trading (Market?) screen. I think this only affects android devices. This is not an ezccs issue and happens using the same device outside of ezccs. A very observant FA has figure out what happens.

After repeatedly touching the yellow/orange Search button the screen can jump and instead of touching Search, you Touch Jetway Trades (possibly some other button). The solution is to make sure you actually touch the Search button and if needed, scroll the screen so you are touching the correct button.

As far as a fix, there is nothing I can do as this is not an issue with the coding I do. Either this issue is caused by a change in the way United coded this page or some update to your device by Google.

If you want to open a ticket with United IT make sure you leave ezccs out of it and only discuss what happens on that device in your web browser.