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United iPad

Most United iPads cannot load the Apple App Store therefore you can't install/update ezccs.

You must manage your own subscriptions.  If you have a separate subscription for the United iPad that you don't want anymore, only you can cancel it. 

How to manage subscriptions https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

If you really want ezccs on your United iPad and don't have access to the Apple App Store there is an option.  If your iPad somehow gets wiped/reset (you can google this) install TestFlight from the App Store prior to activating Airwatch.  Prior to activating Airwatch (the United stuff) the App Store is available.  Once TestFlight is installed you can get updates for ezccs without the App Store.  Email me to join the my tester list get get the updates.

If you do have ezccs on your United iPad and cannot restore your subscription you can email me for a fix.